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    * Trading in financial markets carries risk and can result in loss of capital.

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    Terms And Conditions

    GTC maintains all authority to exclude a Partner or IB from the Rewards Program under the accompanying circumstances:

    • If a Partner violates any laws and/ or applicable regulations and/ or the current Terms and Conditions.
    • In the event that a Partner disregards any regulations as well as relevant guidelines or potentially the ongoing Terms and Conditions.
    • Assuming a Partner behaves inappropriately as well as oppressively and additionally falsely or potentially in a way that isn’t in accordance with the details of the Partnership Agreement between the Partner and GTC.
    • Assuming there is a sensible doubt that the trading volume relating to a Partner is determined by mistake or potentially misrepresentation and/or any dubious tasks
    • GTC will contact the triumphant Partners through the particular contact information that the Partner conveyed to GTC for the record with GTCFX.
    • If the Partner can’t be reached or doesn’t answer inside a time of 10 days, the Prize will be dropped.
    • If you have any questions, please contact or get in touch with our Support Team.
    • GTC maintains whatever authority is needed to change the agreements of this advancement. Prizes may likewise be dependent on future developments.
    • By accepting a Prize, the Partner consequently gives his express assent and awards authorization to GTCFX to utilize the Partner’s photograph, name, contact and prize details for GTC’s showcasing targets. Refusal of the Partner to take an interest in any advertising/limited time recordings, photograph shoots as well as some other special exercises organized by GTCFX might bring about retraction of the Prize and the Partner in such a case is obliged to restore the Prize to GTC.
    • Assuming you have proactively accomplished numerous award targets when the program begins, you might be qualified to get the award of the last (most significant) level you accomplished.
    • The GTC Rewards Program is set to run indefinitely. If the program is suspended, Partners will be educated ahead of time.
    • Prizes may vary depending on the Partner’s country of residence.
    • Only applicable at Forex, Metals and crude oil.
    • For multi-level IB, only direct clients are counted.
    • Participation in the program starting with total direct client deposits exceeding $50,000.
    • The number of traded lots only counts gold, silver, Forex, crude oil.
      Scalping, price manipulation, liquidity abuse are not allowed.
    • Only the deposits and transaction volume starting from 1st July 2022 will be counted and the minimum net deposit must be 50K USD .
    • For the trading volume, and minimum deposit, Only your direct customers are counted, subordinate agents, indirect customers are not included.

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      Introductory Broker Rewards

      GTCFX offers excellent opportunity
      to Earn while your Clients trade!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is an Introductory Broker?

      Introductory brokers are somewhat like freelance brokers. These individuals act as agents for the company who introduce clients to the company. They work with the brokerage platform to earn rebates and commissions.

      How Do I become an Introductory Broker?

      To become an IB with GTCFX is simple and requires you to register on our website

      What is the appeal of becoming an Introductory Broker with GTCFX?

      Other than the commission, GTCFX offers the highest rebate to its IBs. But that’s not all, GTCFX also offers several physical rewards to its best performing IBs that include exciting prizes like motor vehicles, iPhones, and other valuable items.

      Is there a fee for joining the IB program?

      No, there is no joining fee for the GTCFX IB program and signing up is absolutely free.

      Is there a limit to the number of traders I can introduce?

      The best part of this program is that there is no limit to the number of traders that an IB can introduce, hence there is no limit to your earning potential.