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Testing financial times have led traders and investors to consider several factors before they indulge in trading. Since the economic outlook has become so intertwined with several uncertain elements new traders find it intimidating to enter the environment.

However, keeping track of major factors that impact the global economy and carefully analyzing the major democracies can give traders a great edge to make millions of dollars by the highs and lows of the market.

To help you break down this enigma called trading, we at GTC are determined to fashion the common man into a pro trader. Our ongoing webinars are a part of this objective so you can earn even while you sleep.

Nikhil Malhotra, our financial expert will guide you through successful trading providing you with tips, tricks, and the art of the trade. Our Forex Course for Beginners is bound to get you to start trading with gains. And what’s more, these courses are absolutely free!

Trainer's Profile

Nikkhil Malhotra

Chief Analyst

Nikkhil Malhotra is one of the most sought-after investment planners and trade analysts in Dubai. With his engrossing 10 years of experience in the domain, he has proven his expertise in interpreting domain-critical opportunities and appointing practical templates of trading that channel investment decisions and assure higher market returns. Over time, he has mentored and helped hundreds of traders affirming their financial journeys and is a highly trusted name in the investment circuit.

Shipra Chugh

Chief Analyst

A versatile professional with diversified experience in marketing & financial services.
She is a trading psychology coach and analyst, empowering various financial organizations and individuals to foster collaborative thinking. Her services in assessing novice & routine investors/traders’ psychological suitability for the forex trading arena is unmatched in the MENA region. She has expertise in developing and conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods investigations designed to explicate trading behavior, affect, and cognition.

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01-07-2022 (Friday)

05-07-2022 (Tuesday)

The glossary of the financial markets – Part 1

08-07-2022 (Friday)

The glossary of the financial markets – Part 2

12-07-2022 (Tuesday)

Different types of market analysis: technical/fundamental & sentimental

15-07-2022 (Friday)

Comprehensive guide on candlestick charts & patterns

19-07-2022 (Tuesday)

22-07-2022 (Friday)

26-07-2022 (Tuesday)

Common mistakes beginners make & how to avoid them

29-07-2022 (Friday)

Setting up of your trading account and how to use economic calendar