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    Terms & Conditions

    The 100 percent Margin Bonus followed by 50% and 30% on 2nd and 3rd deposit is presented by GTCFX (thus the “Organization” or the “Company”) for its clients (in this Clients).

    This proposition is accessible for Clients who open Standard Account with GTC Global Trade Capital Co. Limited.

    1. Offer Brief:

    1.1 The 3 times Margin Bonus (here in after the “Reward Scheme”) is accessible to every one of the Company’s Clients who have fulfilled the Criteria for this Bonus Scheme.

    1.2 The Client thus recognizes, affirms and acknowledges to be legitimately limited by the Terms and Conditions as set out in this Bonus Scheme and additionally some other lawfully authoritative Agreement among him and the Company.

    1.3 Clients can expand their trading influence by getting 100 percent Bonus Credits on 1st deposit (Maximum $50,000), 50% Margin Bonus (Maximum $20,000) on 2nd deposit and 30% Margin Bonus (Maximum $20,000) on 3rd deposit subsequently. Minimum deposit of $200.

    1. Offer Terms and Conditions:

    2.1 The Bonus Scheme can be applied to standard account type.

    2.2 The bonus credit leverage of the selected account will be considered for trading activities.

    2.3 The Bonus Scheme will be naturally applied on the Client’s underlying least deposit of USD at least $200 and subsequently to the 2nd and 3rd deposit as mentioned above against a minimum deposit of $200.

    For Example: If a client deposits USD 1000 into standard account, he will be instantly provided a 100% Margin Bonus, resulting into a double of the value of the initial deposit which will be $2000. For the second deposit, if the client deposits $1000, the client will enjoy a 50% Margin Bonus resulting in total value to be $1500. On the third deposit of $1000, the client will enjoy a 30% Margin Bonus leverage with a net value of $1300 to start the trade.  

    2.4 The Bonus Scheme can be applied on internal transfers to the live trading account without any restrictions.

    2.5 The Bonus Scheme can be applied to one (1) Account per Client and per IP address. On the off chance that a client has previously applied the Bonus Scheme to a live Account, no other Account might be opened for any reason with this Bonus Scheme.

    2.6 The combined greatest Bonus Scheme credit sum that can be achieved by a client is USD 50,000.

    2.7 The Bonus Scheme credit can be utilized to expand a client’s influence yet can’t be lost. In the event that one account’s equity reaches or falls underneath the level of the Bonus Scheme, the Bonus Scheme will be naturally taken out from the Client’s Account. The Company acknowledges no responsibility at all for any misfortune coming about because of the Stop Out of open positions where the Company has eliminated the Bonus Scheme as per Clause 5 of the Terms and Conditions.

    2.8 In the occasion when a client deposits more than or equal to USD 50,000, only enjoy the $50,000 margin bonus also.

    2.9 The Bonus Scheme is only for the trading purpose and can be withdrawn by the company under clause 2.14 condition.

    2.10 There is no margin call alert under the influence of this scheme.

    2.11 Clients can’t switch between multiple bonus offers offered by GTCFX. In the event that you never again wish to utilize an account with a reward, send an email to mentioning the request to suspend the reward account and change of status.

    2.12 The 100 percent Margin Bonus will be credited into the client’s trading account in no less than 24 hours after the application email is sent to

    2.13 Expert Advisors (EAs), Scalping, market manipulation, liquidity abuse,  are not permitted to apply the Bonus Scheme. Scalping, market manipulation, and liquidity abuse are not allowed.

    2.14 Bonus cannot be withdrawn or lost .

    1. How it will Work?

    3.1 Any withdrawal will result in the full deduction of the bonus.

    For Example: If a client deposits 200 USD into his selected Bonus Scheme Account he will get a 100 percent Bonus Credit of 200 USD. In the event that the Client, pulls out 100 USD, the 200 bonus will be taken out.

    3.2 The Company won’t be expected to take responsibility for any misfortunes that the Client might cause because of the expulsion of all or some portion of the Bonus Scheme initiated by a client because of a withdrawal.

    3.3 The maximum cumulative value will be applied to any Bonus Scheme amount received and/or removed.

    3.4 The Bonus Scheme must be applied to the Account for which the Bonus Scheme has been supported and the sums got can’t be moved between a client’s trading Accounts.

    1. End of the Bonus Scheme

    4.1 The Company saves the right, at its outright watchfulness, to singularly change or end this Bonus Scheme or any of the Terms and Conditions included thus, whenever, without the Client’s assent.

    4.2 The Company claims all authority to reject offering this Bonus Scheme at its only tact without the need to give legitimization. The Company won’t be obligated/liable for any stop outs or whatever other results that outcome out of a Bonus cancellation or potential withdrawal.

    4.3 If the Company thinks or has motivation to accept that a Client has manhandled or potentially controlled the Terms and Conditions of this Bonus Scheme by supporting his positions inside (utilizing other trading accounts held with Company) or remotely (utilizing other trading accounts held with different specialists) as well as has not acted sincerely, the Company saves the right, at its sole discretion and without getting the Client’s assent, to eliminate the Bonus Scheme from the Client’s Trading Account(s) or from his triumphant supported Accounts with prompt impact.

    4.4 If the Company finds through any of its means that a client has more than one account under this Bonus Scheme, the Company saves the right, at its outright circumspection and without getting the Client’s agreement to eliminate the Bonus Scheme from the Client’s Trading Account(s) with prompt impact. The company does not assume any responsibility for any misfortune coming about because of the Stop Out of open positions after any Bonus elimination as per these Terms and Conditions.

    1. Conflicts

    5.1 Any conflict or circumstance not covered by these Terms will be settled by the Company’s Management in a fair way.

    1. Proclamation:

    6.1 The Client must recognize that Forex and CFDs involves high risk and can result in loss of capital. While trading such items, it is possible for Clients to lose all their contributed capital. These items may not be reasonable choice for everybody therefore Clients must acknowledge the risks associated with trading markets. Client must build a strong understanding about the trading segments before starting his/her trading journey.

    6.2 These Terms and Conditions are made in English language. Any international translation provided is for customer understanding and convenience. On account of any irregularity or error between unique English texts and their interpretation into some other language, by and large, unique renditions of English will win.

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